The Story of the Bee

The bee is in my logo, on my cakes and close to my heart. The bee is a symbol of work and perseverance with a deliciously sweet and natural end product. If we're going to get all deep about it it's also a symbol of love and new direction, teamwork and happiness. As a child I always loved searching for things and was fascinated by the works of Mousy Thompson and his quirky notion of carving a mouse onto every piece he made. I really enjoy making unique and often quirky cakes and decided to add a little bee to every novelty cake I make with an appropriate message such as "Bee Yourself" "Bee a Winner" "Bee Happy" "Bee Adventurous". It's kind of my signature...

What will your bee say? 

pooh 5.jpg
golden wolf 7.jpg
ukulele 3.jpg